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Why should you choose wood as your fuel source for your fire?

Why should you choose wood as your fuel source for your fire?


Every fire and fireplace is designed to be a unique and practical part of the home but having a fire doesn’t have to cost you an excess of money like your central heating or electric bill. You could consider an alternative, natural heat source, with traditional qualities and modern assets. Wood could provide you with the best of both worlds.

Saving you money

Using your own wood can offer you a free source of fuel, and even if you do have to buy it, it is much cheaper than your monthly gas or electric equivalent. In saving you money, wood gives you more opportunities to spend it elsewhere, and provides you with relaxing nights in front of a real wood burning fire.

It’s also a good idea to stock up on wood during the summer months to prevent panic buying in Autumn and Winter. Wood is less sought after, cheaper and more usable when its bought during drier climates and stored indoors.

The environmental impact

A natural fuel source, it provides an environmentally friendly impact reduces your carbon footprint and reduces the strain on our world. It’s also easily renewable and sustainable to use if we continue planting trees for each one we use.

Collecting your own wood, or planting your own trees is also good for you, keeping you moving and enhancing your strength when lifting those heavy logs.

This carbon neutral source is more desirable than using fossil fuels which will eventually run out if we continue using them at the current rate. Many people originally thought that burning wood produced too much carbon dioxide and was bad for the environment. However, as new trees grow, they absorb carbon, which makes it carbon neutral and safe supply of fuel.

Showcasing your home

As well as securing the environment and saving yourself some money, wood burners are also a beautiful addition to any home. They provide you and your guests with a welcoming, warm and cosy atmosphere perfect for gatherings with family and friends.

A wood-burning design is a timeless creation which won’t go out of fashion or become unappealing. Your wood stove, burner, or fireplace will be easy to decorate, modernise and change the exterior as you desire, whilst maintaining the source of energy and heat that you require.

Another positive of having wood as your heat source is that it is a great back-up to modern methods. If your electric or gas system fails you, you will always have an alternative, natural and affordable heater.

Will you consider this attractive, affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to fire?