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Our guide to updating your fireplace this summer

Our guide to updating your fireplace this summer


The summer months are the perfect time to renovate your fire centrepiece and ensure its warmth and appeal ready for the cold winter. Here at Factory Fireplace Outlet in Bradford, we have some great ideas to modify and enhance your beautiful home.

Install a new mantel

Overtime, mantelpieces can become dated and ruin the beauty of a fire, so it’s important to maintain and renew the main feature of your living space.

You can create a modern, bespoke or contemporary design easily and there are an array of options for decorating your mantel. Depending on your style preferences you could choose a modern wooden piece, a natural stone, or classic marble fireplace from Leeds, to suit the style of your living space.

Decorate your tile hearth

The tiles of a hearth are possibly the easiest to redecorate when renovating your fireplace and the options are endless, you could decide on a simple colour change or choose a creative design.

Redecorating your tiles can also add instant impact to your room, by providing you with a fresh and modern appeal, or adding character. It might also be necessary to modernise your tiles if they are discolouring due to smoke damage or general ageing, as this could detract from the beauty of your fire.

Create a feature wall

If you consider your fireplace a prized asset in your home, but find your other décor outdated you might like to consider creating a feature wall. In redecorating your lounge or living space you are allowing the whole room to shine and showcase your style.

You could incorporate some modern wallpaper, contemporary plastering, or add some colour to create an attractive element and surround to your bespoke fireplace.

Insert a new fire

Do you love your mantel but think you could use some updating? In that case, inserting a new fire front could be the answer.

Your new fire insert could take you from gas to electric, modernise your gas settings or just provide you with a fresh appearance. Fashion is always changing and refurbishing your home will add to the value of your house while the refreshed look will add to your own comfort and enjoyment.

Add some modern shelves

If you are considering more storage and modernisation then this could be the answer for you. By adding some new shelves to your living space you could create a new style for your fire centrepiece.

Not only are you adding storage, but you are also removing clutter and creating a contemporary new look for your fire. The shelves and storage technique adds a frame to your fire and adds creates a practical, simplistic and fashionable home.

Accessorise and add character

Accessories can have an immediate impact on your fireplace from Bradford. Simple but bespoke designs require character adding pieces to showcase their natural and beautiful appearance.

Your mantel might benefit from a few traditional candles, unique and intricate ornaments or perhaps some modern art deco. A mirror could personalise the room and will make your space seem larger and more homely. And, of course, accessories are also easily altered so you won’t have to worry if your style preferences change.

Go ahead and enhance your fireplace with ease with our guide to modernising or renovating your fire surround.