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Spring cleaning top tips for your marble fireplace

Spring cleaning top tips for your marble fireplace


Spring is here which means we are all starting our deep clean of the year. But, some parts of the home are easier to clean than others. Your marble fireplace in Yorkshire is a delicate and a prized possession that you want to keep in a good condition for many years to come. If you struggle to clean your marble fireplace these tips may help you.

First things first; marble is a very porous material so you must treat it with respect. Do not use any harsh or damaging chemicals such as; abrasive baking soda, or acidic white vinegar or limescale remover.

Remember, a fire and chimney could also be damaging to you if it isn't in working order. Make sure you check for any gas leaks or excess soot in the chimney breast, and that the fire is in working order or it could be a concern for your health.

Here are our top tips for cleaning your marble fireplace. 

Protective sheeting

The area in front of your fire and at the foot of your marble fireplace needs protecting. Any chips, cracks or excess material could fall on to the hearth during cleaning, so this eliminates the chance of damaging the base of your fire or your carpet surround. Make sure you don't have any ornaments, vases or other items in the proximity as well, to avoid any breakages. 

Use a wet cloth

Marble fireplaces do not require any chemicals to clean them, a wet cloth and some elbow grease is all that's needed to remove any dust, water marks or other day-to-day stains. Once you have wiped the top and sides you can wipe out the grate. Using only a wet cloth means you can see if there are any more serious stains before you buy a specialist marble cleaner.

Sweep and vacuum

Once you have collected any half-burned logs or large debris, remove your protective sheeting and sweep any excess up with a soft brush. Take care not to be too robust and remember that your Yorkshire marble fireplace is a fragile part of your home.

Then use a ‘shop vacuum’ (not your standard vacuum) to collect any excess ash, chips or debris. Your standard vacuum could be damaged from these types of material.

The final wipe down

Last but by no means least, wipe down the top, the fireplace walls, and the hearth to ensure you have no debris left. This final check means you can make sure there is no damage from sweeping the bases.


We hope this article will help you to keep your marble fireplace from Factory Fireplace Outlet in Leeds as an immaculate and pristine piece for many years to come.