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Great alternative places for your fireplace

Great alternative places for your fireplace


Fireplaces have been a classic amenity since the 1600s, but they have always been confined to the main living space- until now. Electric and gas fittings are now so easily installed that fireplaces can be fitted in any room, instantly adding character to any home. Interior designers regularly suggest new ideas for homeowners, but fireplaces will always remain a necessity. Here are our five alternative rooms you probably haven't thought about fitting a fireplace.

Open plan divide

If you are a lover of open plan spaces but feel the need for modernisation this could be the answer. A fireplace from our outlet could allow you to make use of the space and provide you with a smooth flow between separate living spaces.

The bespoke piece could add value to your home while acting as a contemporary divide between your living and relaxation rooms. Factory Fireplace Outlet in Bradford has a range of electric feature fireplaces which are ideal to incorporate as a divider.

Outside spaces

The summer nights are here and so is the time to transform your conservatory or garden with some modern luxury. Fire and wood burners add ambience, comfort, romance and relaxation to any space. Fireplaces and wood burners are beautiful additions to any home, and a good way to create a transition from indoor to the outdoor.

Our featured wood burner, The Cube is a great example of an outdoor fire feature and is perfect for gathering with family and friends in the evening sun.


Kitchens, like fireplaces, are no longer purely functional- as the saying goes- you will always find people in the kitchen at parties, and this will definitely be the case if you add one of our feature fireplaces from Bradford.

A fireplace could add luxury to a larger kitchen, replace a formal dining room, or be a great addition for a breakfast area. The kitchen will become a fabulous social space for communal cooking.

Entrance hallway

Fireplaces can also offer a great entrance to visitors of your home. This warm welcome offers a bespoke and contemporary feel to any space.

Whether you have a small entrance hall, or a spacious one, a fireplace can add instant character. At Factory Fireplace Outlet we have a selection of suitable fires available in different shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. You could consider an inbuilt fire, which would help with cold nights in older entrance halls and homes. We particularly like our Gotham and Madison pieces.

Master Bedroom

These are the rooms that people least associate with a fireplace, however, once you see a fire in these spaces, you might reconsider. The master bedroom is an important part of any home, therefore a fireplace from Leeds could add an instant wow factor to your private space. Fire exudes a warm, romantic glow providing you with a feeling of luxury, a holiday or a bespoke hotel.

Some homes might even require a fireplace in the bedrooms for those colder nights in Northern climates, or the desire for instant heat after stepping out of a shower and into a cool room.

If you need some advice about where to fit your new fireplace then please give us a call today. Our fireplace outlet in Yorkshire has a range of beautiful pieces for you to choose from, giving you the right choice for your budget, space and requirements.