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Should I get a gas or electric fire?

Should I get a gas or electric fire?


Are you deciding whether to get a new electric or gas fire or fireplace in your home, but are unsure which type to buy? Here at Factory Fireplace Outlet in Leeds, we can help you decide which fire you should choose for your home and lifestyle. We have the knowledge and experience to show you the pros and cons of electric and gas fires in Leeds.

Electric fires

Electric fires use electricity to make a source of fire and heat. They combine the quality performance of traditional wood burners, with an energy efficient and low maintenance modern standard. They can come with range of beautiful fireplaces and different flame effects producing a warm glow.

Pros of electric fires

·         They have a glass panel which means they are safe around children and pets

·         Electric fires in Yorkshire don’t let off any toxic emissions, greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide- this means they are good for anyone with asthma, bronchitis, or other respiratory issues

·         These fires are versatile and portable, they can be moved from one place to another, and are usable if connected to an electric power source

·         Electric fires and fireplaces in Leeds can come in an extensive range of styles and designs

·         They are very low maintenance and cleaning is easy. There is no ash, soot, smoke or other substances to clean, you just need to wipe them over occasionally

·         Electric fires in Yorkshire are very modern and come in a range of contemporary styles with a variety of LED’s, colours and designs available

·         These types of fire and fireplaces require no flue or chimney to function which means there is no heat loss from the home

Cons of electric fires

·         They can be expensive to run because you have your regular electric bill, plus the fees from running the fire

·         If the electric cuts out due to a power cut, then so does the fire

·         There is some assembly required

Gas fires

Gas fires burn gas fuel which is pulled into the fire from a gas line. They can be made to appear modern or classical, and they have a live flame which is often seen as one of their most appealing features. Gas fires are still very popular fires in Yorkshire and manufacturers are always looking at creating new styles and designs.

Pros of gas fires

·         Gas fires in the UK have a very high heat output, as soon as they are turned on the heat surges throughout the room

·         Fires like these have easy-to-use controls, and can have incorporated timers and thermostats

·         These types of fire can still function when there is a power cut or boiler breakdown

·         Their living flame means they provide instant heat

·         Gas fires made in Yorkshire require no storage for fuel like traditional methods, which makes them more convenient for homeowners who want a real flame appearance with more space

·         The flames on gas fires are more realistic than their electric alternatives

·         Chimney breasts aren’t always required like they used to be because other sources can be used to take away chemicals produced

Cons of gas fires

·         Traditional gas fires in the UK let off carbon monoxide and other chemicals, this can however be resolved and modified by oxygen sensors

·         If you don’t have a gas supply, you would have to get one

·         Some fires require chimneys or flues

We hope this article will help you when you are deciding whether to buy an electric or gas fire in Yorkshire. Call us today on 01274 689066.