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How can you choose the best stone for your fireplace?

How can you choose the best stone for your fireplace?


There are so many options when choosing the best option for your bespoke fireplace in Yorkshire. Whether you are wanting formal and elegant, clean and simple, contemporary, rustic or carved pieces, there is so much to look at. Read on for information you need about natural stones for fireplaces in Yorkshire.

The traditional limestone

This elegant and traditional stone is great for multiple budgets. It is a sturdy rock with plenty of character for simple or carved designs. Its durability makes it a popular piece for any home. The stone is easily scratched and stained though so needs sealing and regular maintenance. This type of stone is only suitable for gas or electric fires in England.

The elegant marble

Marble fireplaces in Yorkshire are bright and sleek pieces that can light up a room. They are always unique, classy and give an appearance of grandeur. This type of stone is prone to chips and scratches but is durable if regular maintenance is carried out. The marble fireplaces are suitable for sculpting and can be used as gas or electric surrounds.

The rustic slate

If you are wanting a cottage or rustic theme, then this is your best option. The slate will give your home a contemporary, rustic vibe and will exude warmth and homeliness. Slates are the most durable types of fireplace stones after granite and need regular cleaning to keep them pristine and unstained.

The durable granite

If durability is a must for you, then this is the stone you want. This clean-cut stone gives the appearance of cleanliness, sturdiness and contemporary looks. The granite is also a good option as it is an easy stone to clean. It can be polished to give a luxurious appearance and high shine to your Yorkshire fireplace.

The versatile travertine

Travertine is a very adaptable stone and is popular because of its similarity in wear to limestone and marble fireplaces. It can be stacked like bricks to give a rustic feel, or carved to give it an older appeal, or tiled to give a modern look. Its appearance makes it suitable for outdoor and indoor purposes.

The dramatic quartzite

Quartzite comes in a range of colour palates and is also suitable for the outdoor and indoor climates. It has a formal, timeless and dramatic appearance when stacked in a contemporary way. When formed onto a high wall setting it exudes personality and flair in an elegant setting. Add this stone to your fireplace in Yorkshire and you won’t be disappointed.